Beef and Dairy Cattle

DFCC and Wrights Feeds 'N Needs are positioned to offer you premium products and service to assist you with your animal nutrition needs. We carry Masterfeeds, Purina, Jones Feed Mill and Shurgain. Contact our Feed Specialists today!


  • 12% Beef Gainer Ration (text)

  • 13% Commodity Pellets

  • 16% Rough N Ready Beef Creep (with Deccox)

  • 13% Vintage Beef Ration

  • 13% Eyecatcher Beef Ration

  • 36% Master Tend-R-Lean Supplement

  • 32% NU Beef Supplement

  • N-Ch Show Stopper Beef Ration

  • Masterfeeds Show Ration

  • Masterfeeds Full Throttle



We stock whole barley, corn (whole/cracked), flax seed (whole/ground) and oats (rolled/crimped/cleaned whole).

Custom Milling

We offer custom milling to meet your needs at our Blackstock location. Whether it be a custom layer mash, or a custom heifer blend—we can get it for you.


Are you looking for a delivery? We offer that service to meet your needs & have your feed and other products delivered to you when and where you want it.


Calf Starters

  • 19% Calf Starter Deccox (Orono's Own)

  • Orono's Dee Calf Starter Text

  • 16% Orono Dairy Starter

  • 60% Heifer Dev Supp/Bov


Milk Replacers

  • Mapleview Milk Replacer

  • Grober High Performance Milk Replacer



We carry iodized, cobalt, and trace mineral salt in bags, blocks and licks from both Windsor & Sifto.


We have Blueprint and Premier brand minerals for beef and dairy cattle.

Protein Supplements


From beet pulp to soybean meals, to molasses and yeast, we've got you covered.