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Become a Member of the DFCC

How do you become a member of Durham Farmers’ County Co-op?


  • Purchase a lifetime $10 membership

  • Members are encouraged to invest in interest-bearing members loans, as additional funds are essential to build a strong financial base for the co-operative.

  • Potential patronage entitlement requires the purchase of a $100 membership loan in addition to the membership fees.




Choice & Market Control

Co-operatives were born because people wanted opportunity and fairness. Without a co-operative choice, farmers had very little say in the price they paid for their inputs and received on their produce. Co-operatives introduced choice to the market, as well as gave control to their members.

Member Savings on Purchases

1% member discount applies to bagged feed, seed, and in-store items at time of purchase. In addition to the daily benefits, Durham Farmers’ County Co-op holds members appreciation events where members can take advantage of products and services at special discounts.


Share the Profits

A co-operative is controlled by the people it services. Its profits are re-invested into the co-operative or community directly benefiting its members.


People make a co-operative. Members can participate in their co-operative, serve on its Board of Directors, attend annual meetings and freely offer suggestions to its directors and management.


In keeping with the co-operative philosophy, each members has a single vote. Members elect a Board of Directors to lead the co-operative and give its management direction.

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